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The Game Room has been serving its customers since 1981

We specialize in game room related products that make your home more fun! Our retail store in Anaheim, California has closed its doors to allow us to focus on wholesale distribution. This has allowed us to be radically less expensive than other retail shops that need to cover their much higher overhead costs. You can see easily the difference when you compare our prices to others! To further cut costs, we don't advertise.

You probably learned of The Game Room from a friend's advice or perhaps you were lucky enough to see us in a store during one of our regional shows at major wholesale clubs. Either way, you are going to save quite a bunch of money by buying from us instead! Click on the Road Show Information link to see our upcoming shows.

Thanks for visiting us and looking at our products. We are happy to assist you in choosing the correct pool table, arcade game, pinball machine, 3-in-1 Poker game table, or game room furniture. Give us a call or send us an email!

Ken & Michael The Game Room

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