'The Big One'

First Real Online Redemption

Redemption via online portal - no need to carry stock of your own. Allows prizes to always remain fresh & up to date with the current
trends without holding inventory.

Manage From Anywhere

Continually expanding range of games easy access & do-it-yourself upgrading!
Keep up with the latest game trends, local events or holiday seasons change, update and expand your game library

App Increases Sales

Download 'training' apps via Bluetooth on to your iPhone or Android device to unlock bonus game levels for future visits


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Remote Management Features

Group and manage 1000's of machines from anywhere with your internet-enabled iPhone, iPad, cell phone or Home/Office PC!

Reporting & Notifications
  • SMS/Email Notifications
  • Confidential Sales reporting on demand
  • Customer tracking with play & prize selection patterns

Machine Management
  • Manage machines in locations
  • Change/Update games and settings for groups or individual machines remotely
  • Change price per play as occasion requires

Ever Expanding Games Library

  • Keep your machines fresh and up to date with current gaming trends
  • New game titles released every month
  • Fast & easy updating process
  • Fresh games = fresh income
  • Seasonal games bring in the earnings

Automated Online Redemption
  • Players can select a wide range of prizes from an online redemption catalog
  • Operators now don't need to hold costly high-valued redemption items.
  • Catalog stays up to date with the current trends